The Passionate Art Of Coffee Making

Coffee was never just a word ever since the people got to know about it, ever since it was introduced. From the country of Ethiopia, these distinctive beans travelled all around the world making up their special fan base. The coffee enthusiasts have been researching on the beans and Coffee Making procedures, trying and brewing coffee ever so passionately. It is an emotion more than just a beverage.

Coffee, as we speak of it, is famous for its luring aroma and distinct bitterness. The real coffee lovers will teach you their way of drinking coffee. Making coffee has been considered as an art since the coffee drinkers expected a fancy cup before them which they can enjoy with all their senses. Indeed the coffee tastes from the first smell before one even gets to see the cup then comes to the eyes that judge the coffee based on its look which depends on the preferences of the consumer. Then the best part where coffee takes over every sense and invades the taste buds.

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The types of coffee making

A typical coffee addict would not always wait to visit a cafe rather would prefer just making them at home. Coffee Making was made easy with the introduction of instant coffee in the market. The black coffee lovers will like to drink their coffee with just warm water and the latte and espresso lovers will want to froth their milk up before adding coffee to it.

The instant coffee, however, can never cross the craving of the real coffee beans getting brewed into your cup. The solution to this thirst for sipping your coffee was given a solution by the manufacturers as they introduced the mini coffee machine, coffee filter, and a Moka pot to provide the best quality coffee right in their house and it has made Coffee Making easy.

The types of coffee

Other than the instant coffee, some of the most famous forms of coffee are

  • Espresso is the rawest form of coffee that is procured by the direct beans being brewed.
  • Café Americano which is simply the hot water added to the shot of espresso. Then there
  • Café latte with steamed milk on a shot of espresso
  • Cappucino consists of 3 layers that have a shot of espresso in the first then the steamed milk and the last layer consists of frothy milk.
  • Flat white consists of the creamy milky froth with espresso.
  • The Long black is the reverse of Americano when you pour hot water and then the shot of espresso.
  • Mochaccino is just the simple late with the topping of syrup and chocolates.
  • Filter coffee is just the lower level of what an espresso is like.
  • Irish coffee has a hint of alcohol content that includes the Irish whiskey sugar and a thick layer of cream to top it.
  • Vienna coffee is made with two shots of strong espresso and then added whipped cream on it.
  • Affogato is not exactly a coffee but the shots of espresso poured on the simple vanilla desserts, and with my hand on the holy book I would say that even this simple form of coffee exaggerates the taste of the dessert.